Zureen interviews local up-and-coming artist Yura

Zureen had the pleasure of welcoming up-and-coming local singer Yura on her 'Warung Kofi Zureen' show last Friday.

The Kuala Belait resident, famous for his 'Asal Kau Tahu' single, wowed the listeners by singing 'live' in the studio, and even entertained callers by singing duets with them.

The 34 year-old, a full-time 'Principles of Accounts' teacher in Kuala Belait, talked about his daily life, and the challenge of being a local artist in Brunei.

His single 'Asal Kau Tahu' is currently available at Syarikat DRosse at the Hua Ho Mall in Tutong and Syarikat Cahaya Istimewa in Kuala Belait.

Fans of Yura will be happy to know that they will have the chance to meet him at special booth which will be selling his singles on Level 1 at The Mall, Gadong on Sunday, 21st March 2010 from 9 am to 9 pm.


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