Akademi Fantasia stars visit KRISTALfm studio

The studio was set abuzz a few days ago when a number of Akademi Fantasia (AF) stars dropped by to the KRISTALfm studio for an interview.

First to visit was Stacy, winner of AF season six. Stacy who is also the ambassador for Intimate products since 2009 and was currently in the country for the Intimate Brunei Tour and also promote her upcoming album.

In the studio to interview her was DJ Yante. Fans were also able to SMS, Tweet or call-in their questions. During the interview, Stacy also went into details on her current and future projects. Being her first time in Brunei, she was very excited and felt welcomed as the Bruneians are very supportive of her. She said she'll be happy to perform in Brunei if it's granted.

Just about a week after Stacy's visit to the KFM studio, a group of 4 AF6 stars dropped by again for an interview with DJ Dafy. The group consist of Nadia, Aliff, Ika and Rizz. They said their objective was to visit Brunei and also meet their fans here.

During the interview they talked about their latest projects and promote the singles they have all recently released. Fans also had a chance to chat with them via the KFM's chatroom or call-in to talk to any of them.

We managed to take a lot of photos from the interviews, so click here for Stacy's interview and here for Ika, Nadia, Aliff and Riz's interview.


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