Akademi Fantasia, ESPN & MTV stars visit the KRISTALfm studio

It was a great weekend for the DST Group as whole, with thousands flocking to the area for this year's DST Group Carnival. The main crowd puller for the event was the appearance of foreign stars - Akim, Aril & Heliza from Akademi Fantasia, Henry Golding & Jamie Yeo from ESPN, and Utt from MTV.

KRISTALfm had the privilege of welcoming the stars to the studio, with the AF stars leading the pack with an interview on Saturday morning with our very own Dafy, sharing their experiences since their leap to superstardom.

Utt, Henry Golding & Jamie Yeo popped by the studio on Monday morning to talk about the DST Group Carnival, their daily lives, and favourite people among others.


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